• Oct2014

    Release of Bozzetto, the novel detailing the gripping hunt for Michelangelo’s magical draft model. The novel is published by Weissbooks and is released to the general public during the Frankfurt Book Fair (8 to 13 October 2014). putty download

  • Aug1949

    The bozzetto’s bloody journey goes on. Driven by greed and lust for power, people continue to search for the legendary wood panel winscp ssh , leaving intrigue, murder and the destruction of livelihoods in its wake. The bozzetto’s trail leads to Switzerland.

  • Jul1944

    Nazi art thieves in Paris rediscover the bozzetto. It becomes part of Reichsleiter Rosenberg’s treacherous plan to “save the Third Reich”. PuTTY

  • Robespierre is guillotined. winscp

  • Dec1789

    The Dominican monastery on Rue Saint-Honoré becomes a meeting place during the French Revolution and awakens the bozzetto. It triggers the bizarre transformation of Maximilien Robespierre.

  • Jul1614

    At the request of Marie de’ Medici, the Dominican prior and French inquisitor Sébastien Michaëlis banishes the bozzetto to his monastery.

  • May1610

    14 May 1610 – Paris

    14. May 1610

    Rue de la Ferronnerie, the site of the death of a liar: Henry IV is assassinated.

  • Jul1593

    Henry of Navarre is crowned King Henry IV of France. “Paris is certainly worth a mass!”  

  • May1574

    30 May 1574 – Paris

    30. May 1574

    King Charles IX of France dies of insanity at only 23. The bozzetto’s revenge: an eye for an eye putty download windows , a tooth for a tooth.

  • Aug1572

    15 August 1572 – Paris

    15. August 1572

    The bozzetto accompanies Henry of Navarre to Paris and there shows its gruesome side on 23 August. puttygen download